In the Nursery

What does the word “nursery” evoke for you? Maybe it’s plants, but I’m willing to bet it’s more likely images of a crib, a rocker, cute stuffed animals, a baby monitor and neutral pastels. When I think of nurseries today, images of plants, flowers and garden tools come to mind. If I could build oneContinue reading “In the Nursery”

Fuel: Part 1

Hello, I’ve been waiting for YOU! Thank you for spending part of your day here. You might just be one of several who: Clicked over from LinkedIn or some other social media post. Arrived via a referral. Are curious about just who the Interior Re-Design Life Coach is, or simply landed here by fate. Well,Continue reading “Fuel: Part 1”

So Much Stuff

What’s going on in your interior space? I have a lot of things. I live in a small space and have become very crafty at finding new ways to display and store my stuff. But, recently, I’ve noticed clutter creep. I blame this on lack of storage. It’s kinda like what happens in my brain.Continue reading “So Much Stuff”

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