The Hardest Space to DeClutter

It’s either the basement or the attic or that closet.

The line between what is useful and what is clutter has blurred.

If left alone too long, it begins to nag at us and feel overwhelming. We know we need to deal with it….but we put it off.

It’s like those plans and goals we’ve put off. They didn’t go well in the first week. Or, your brain didn’t see results immediately and offered up thoughts about going back to the couch, staying safe and tossing your tracking system.

On top of unfinished plans and unmet goals there’s friction and mental clutter. Your brain will do everything it can to get you to ignore it. But the disappointment of not following through won’t go away. And that may be just the thing to get you back on track!

This is true for me.

In the mental foundation of my interior, there are a number of abandoned projects and ideas. One that almost died on the scrap heap was launching The Interior ReDesign Life Coach! For years, I had dreamed of having something of my own, some way to take my coaching skills to the next level. In the fall of 2020, I ventured into what felt like the DEEP end of the “launch a business pool”, spent $10K to work with an advertising company and then completely lost my nerve. My unsupervised brain had allowed me to believe that this effort was impossible. That learning all of this new stuff was “not for me”. I had better go back to what was comfortable and safe.

But, every time I ventured into the mess of mental clutter, I knew I had to do some clearing. It was either “It’s going out for good”, or “bring it upstairs into the light and let it breath”.

Light and perspective up in my office on the first floor have given way to a new approach for bringing my vision to life. I’ve hired my own coach. It’s not so scary. I’m learning how to change the thoughts my brain offers up from “Yeah, right, YOU? A Life Coach? An entrepreneur?” to “YES! I am an amazing coach and am learning how to be an entrepreneur!”.

Training your mind to create outcomes that represent your best work in the world is a skill. And like any skill, it is learnable. Dare to go into the foundation of your interior space and find what matters most. Take a new look, experiment and allow it to capture your imagination.

Be the Redesigner!

Published by Kimberly Figueroa

I am Kimberly Maxfield Figueroa, a Life Coach who cuts through the bullsh*t to discover the real reasons you aren’t achieving your desired results. Using a simple thought management system, you’ll learn to master your thoughts, manage your emotions and take the action that moves your results to the next level.

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