So Much Stuff

What’s going on in your interior space?

I have a lot of things. I live in a small space and have become very crafty at finding new ways to display and store my stuff. But, recently, I’ve noticed clutter creep. I blame this on lack of storage.

It’s kinda like what happens in my brain.

Some days, it feels like there isn’t enough space among the neurons up there between my ears. So many ideas and thoughts, all crowded together. Clutter creep.

Does this happen to you?

If the rooms of your mental landscape have become dusty around the corners and you cannot find or have forgotten what you are looking for, you’re in the right place.

I feel your pain.

But, I have a secret weapon. You might call it the “BRAIN SWIFFER”. It’s a method of seeing through the clutter and deciding, once and for all, “Do I really need what’s no longer serving me?”

We’re not just going to find and LOOK at whatever it is you’ve been holding onto, but, we’re going to figure out which “charity” to donate it to. YOU get to decide what happens to it!

And, “post clutter”, you and I will create a re-design plan. We’ll keep what’s working and determine if you add new lights, colors and decor. YOU get to decide what these new spaces look and feel like.

Maybe it’s just one room. Maybe 2 or 3. Or maybe it’s the entire house.

I have a plan for whatever your interior re-design needs are.

Published by Kimberly Figueroa

I am Kimberly Maxfield Figueroa, a Life Coach who cuts through the bullsh*t to discover the real reasons you aren’t achieving your desired results. Using a simple thought management system, you’ll learn to master your thoughts, manage your emotions and take the action that moves your results to the next level.

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