At 58, I’m ready for a future designed on accumulated wisdom and a renewed plan.

Do you recognize the wisdom that half a lifetime + has gifted you with? Whether the wisdom comes through chosen or unexpected experience, it’s now part of your story. And now, at midlife or beyond, you have an opportunity to map a future to harnesses your wisdom and create a foundation for a fulfilling future.

I’m a life coach with a deep passion for working with women anticipating and experiecing transitions. I know there are many ahead for those of us at 55+ years young. Using a Life Design framework, I can help you design a blueprint for a well-lived life.


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We’ve all arrived here from different routes and travels. Along the way, you’ve made discoveries, established well worn pathways and gained wisdom. From this deep well, what is it you ReClaim to accompany you into the next destination of your life journey?



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Old scripts and limiting beliefs keep us stuck in the same story. A ReWrite can inspire you to radically accept how your unique life has shaped you, outline the next chapters and take action on stepping into your own “hero-hood”.



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Design your way into your next destination with ReNewed energy and commitement for living your best life, supported by curiosity and appreciation for the wisdom you take into your future.


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